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Take care of the team

Don't expose your staff to health risks rom high-traffic cafeterias and lifts. Get delicious food delivered safely to your office with a click, raise productivity and keep key talent.

Tailored and flexible

With no minimums, work at the price point to fit your budget. Meals can be paid by staff, the company or by subsidy.

Set and forget

Create your perfect order online, set it to repeat as often as you need and watch the magic happen! Manage changes, cancellations & pauses online.

Hygiene and safety

Expect individual serves and labels for special dietaries. We also ensure our caterers adhere to high standards of hygiene.

Relaunch offices with staff meals

Our simple online platform enables your staff to conveniently and safely order lunches to the office.


Let us know the price points, subsidy amount (if any), and menu preferences!

Setup a company profile in just a few clicks. Decide whether your company will cover any part of the cost, or if staff will be paying for their meals. Dietaries and daily headcounts are collected through the app - saving your time and avoiding errors!

We curate weekly menus based on these preferences.

We assign rotating weekly menus to your company profile. Meal choices for your staff are provided based on your company's menus and individual staff's taste profile. The food is prepared by our best suppliers.


Your team enjoys their daily choices from these menus.

With their own personal profile, staff can update their preferences and order their meals in just a few clicks. They can also set up an auto-pilot ordering setting, or skip meals if they are WFH or sick.

Our Safety Measure Guarantee

Hygiene Practices

Our suppliers follow all best-practice hygiene protocols, including temperature checks,  rigid hygiene measures, health declarations and self-quarantine requirements.

Sanitary Food Preparation

From individual packaging measures, to sanitised transport boxes for dispatch, all hygienic measures and standards apply without exception.

Safe Delivery

All drivers must follow our set requirements, including constant use of sanitiser, mask and gloves, as well as contact-less delivery options.

The safest way to feed your staff in the post-COVID world

It's time to rethink office food and the traditional lunch break. Now is not the time for shared food options or for your staff to visit crowded areas. With safe, individually packaged lunches and meals, you can reboot your office culture and help staff feel back at home with an awesome variety of yummy food.

Some of the OTHER companies whose hunger we satisfy

Just a small sample of some of the meals on the menu

Want to see what else is on offer? Get in touch for our complete meal plan menu.

Chicken Salad Bowl

With tomato, cucumber, guacamole and egg

Gourmet Sandwich & Salad

With chef selected gourmet fillings and garden salad

Beef Burger

Juicy Beef with tomato, onion and lettuce

Taste of Asia

Glass Noodle salad served with sushi and condiments

Taste of Morocco

Beef Cous Cous, chickpea curry and sides

Beef Massaman Curry

Served with Fragrant Jasmine Rice

Vegetable Noodles

Mixed vegetable yakisoba with sesame seeds

Hawaiian Poke Bowls

Salmon poke with mixed veges