With just less than a month to go until Valentine's Day, we thought we'd share our top tips on how to celebrate with your colleagues, whether in the office or at home! Valentine's Day offers the perfect chance to find a way to show your staff how much you appreciate them. You can increase morale, share some positivity and also enjoy some extra delicious corporate catering.

A shocking 87% of employees report feeling unengaged in the workplace, but you have the chance to turn it around. It's the little things that make a difference, so take the opportunity to make their day.

How to use Valentine's Day as an opportunity

  • Brighten the mood: this date or time of year can be tough for some, so add some life and get the good feels rolling.
  • Increase comradery: celebrating together not only forms bonds in the workplace, but it sparks a feeling of togetherness and boosts team morale.
  • Encourage positive corporate culture: ensuring you celebrate in an inclusive way will make employees feel safe, connected and happy in your business.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Host a virtual breakfast

Start your Valentine's Day off on the right foot and organise a delicious virtual breakfast to enjoy with the whole team! Grab some bagels, French toast, fresh fruit and enjoy together via Zoom. With Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, you could organise a virtual pancake preparation morning to share with the whole team. One of our favourite suppliers, Le Montmartre offer Home Crêpe Kits with home delivery, including everything you need to have an interactive virtual breakfast with the whole team!

Le Montmartre's Home Delivered Pancake Kit

Make a donation

Making a charitable donation is a great way to spread some love on behalf of your company. Search for charities which will appeal to everyone, or relevant to COVID relief causes.

An appreciation board

Set up a board, on Trello for example, where staff can post their appreciation for others. Encourage employees to share the love with colleagues, or write the name of someone they may appreciate!


Order some home delivered cookies or create a goodie box to send to employee's homes. People can enjoy a tasty treat alongside their morning coffee. After all, everybody loves sweet treats!

A tea party

Whether it is morning or afternoon tea, get some office catering for the Valentine's season. Cupcakes, cups of tea, brownies and an assortment of treats will make anyone smile.

Valentines Day Morning Tea

Fun Zoom and online games

A simple way to get everyone involved is to create some interactive games to play online; from a spot the difference with Valentine's themed images, to a quick quiz to guess the rom-com film quote! We also love a food themed quiz (but we would say that!).

An office community video

If you have the time, make a small homemade video on achievements of either individual staff members, or your whole office community. It can be a slideshow of fun memories or iconic moments in the business' history.

What not to do on Valentine's Day at work

Don't be inappropriate

Despite being the holiday of love, there is a time and a place for everything. Ensure whatever you decide is positive, but not inappropriate. The last thing you would want to do is make someone (or everyone) uncomfortable. If you organise games, make sure they are optional.

Don't make people feel bad

If someone doesn't want to get involved, that's okay! don't pressure anyone to take part in celebrating. Give the chance to get involved, but allow people the space to remain reserved; there may be a personal reason after all.

Don't get too personal

Being appreciative and thankful: yes. Being flirtatious: a big no. The date doesn't have to be romantic! Find work-appropriate ways to celebrate.

EatFirst <3's you!

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