Nowadays, you’ll be lucky to find an office without any special dietary requirements, food allergies or intolerances. Whether it’s for health reasons or moral reasons, many people are turning to alternative diets or a vegan lifestyle. With the increasingly popular trends of vegetarianism and veganism now is the perfect opportunity to expand your culinary world and try some new vegetarian dishes.

It’s important when you are ordering corporate catering for the office or your next corporate event to ensure you have all the special diets noted, so nobody goes hungry. If you’re unsure on what to order, we are always happy to give advice!

What’s the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

If somebody eats a vegetarian diet, they don’t eat any meat. Somebody who is vegan doesn’t eat meat or any products derived from animals. This includes dairy, eggs and anything that comes from an animal.

People can choose to only eat vegetarian or vegan food for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s based on efforts to be more sustainable, moral reasons or a food intolerance. Whatever the reason, it is important to make sure your office catering doesn’t leave people out. Lucky for you, we have an awesome variety of corporate caterers who supply delicious menu options for all special diets.

Are vegetarian or vegan diets actually more sustainable?

According to research published in science, if everyone went vegan tomorrow, we’d use 3 billion hectares less of the earth’s surface for farm and our food emissions would drop about half. Of course, it’s very unlikely for this to happen. Meat can be an important part of heritage and identity, and shapes many cultural staples in communities across the globe. But, the simple act of cutting down on your meat and dairy consumption for just a few meals each week can help reduce emissions caused by food production.

sustainable - cows in a field

Vegetarian catering ideas

We know sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect vegetarian or vegan solution for your guests, so we’ve collected a list of some of our favourites. Step away from the plain 4 leaf salad mix and serve up something so flavourful and delicious, that even the meat-eaters will be pining for a taste.

We all know that sandwiches and wraps are a classic and always come with a vegetarian option, but what about all the other delicious corporate catering options available? Here’s a list of alternative delicious vegetarian catering options for your next working lunch.


Yep, even vegetarians like burgers. From mushroom, tofu patties to frittata and falafel, there are so many options for vegan and vegetarian burgers. This is a sure-fire way to not only satisfy your guests but keep them feeling full and happy. And worst-case scenario, everybody loves hot chips.

vegetarian catering - try a soul burger vegan burger


If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from being a national corporate catering service, it’s that people really love their pizza. It’s almost customary to get a classic margherita pizza with your office catering, but there are so many delicious vegetarian, vegan friendly and even gluten free menu options that you can mix up your special diet order.

Doughboys - vegetarian and vegan pizza catering

Finger food

Whether you’re looking to cater for an afternoon tea, corporate event or Friday night drinks for the office, finger food is always the way to go. Getting a selection of meat and meat free finger foods has been made easier than ever with the variety offered by corporate caterers. From grazing tables and cheese platters, to selections of pastries and nibbles, there really is something for everyone.

vegan catering - try a vegetarian grazing table

Asian Flavours

From tasty sushi, rice paper rolls and vegetarian Bahn mi, there’s so much variety when it comes to Asian cuisines and special dietary catering. These fresh flavours can also deliver a healthy solution to office catering, so if you have a vegetarian in the office concerned about losing weight - these fresh catering menus could be just the thing.

Vegan catering - try a poke bowl from Nama Poke

Stuck on what to get, or where to look? Use our handy filters to find all the caterers offering vegetarian and vegan options!

Enjoy stress-free and tempting vegan catering delivery to your office around London.

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