It's the new year, and you've made it your New Year's resolution to go vegan or vegetarian. Or maybe  is something that has been in the back of your mind? What better occasion than Veganuary!

With the growing popularity of vegetarianism and vegan lifestyles, it's never been easier to expand our culinary world. Whether you're looking for a healthier lifestyle or moral reasons; now is the perfect time to try some new recipes!

Office meals and gatherings are an important part of any office culture, so it's important to involve everyone. We'll walk through some steps for how to do this in a way that doesn't make you or someone on your team feel like missing out on office life!

What's the main difference between veganism and vegetarianism?

If somebody eats a vegetarian diet, they don’t eat any meat. Somebody who is vegan doesn't consume anything that was derived from animals including dairy products and eggs but also other items such as honey or wool sweaters for example! The main difference between the two diets lies in how much access each person has to food production industries.

Steps to take:  

Add vegan and vegetarian snacks to your office kitchen

If people don't know they're there, you can call attention to them by adding a sign saying “Vegan Snacks” and putting a bowlful of fruit on the counter or inside the fridge (but not near where meat is stored). This way it's clear that these are vegan options only! You'll be surprised how often some coffee creamer gets left behind in favor of something else without noticing, so this strategy will help make sure office buddies get what they need.

If you need to make sure your vegan or vegetarian snacks don't run out, contact us and we'll refill your or your team's stock!

Suggest office potlucks with vegan or vegetarian dishes.

This is a great way to show your coworkers that there are plenty of delicious vegan options out there. Not only will this get people interested in trying these foods, but it'll also mean that you don't have to bring your own food every day (saving you both time and money). Plus, potlucks are always a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening at work.

Ask your office catering service about their vegetarian and vegan buffets.

When ordering corporate catering, it’s important to make sure that all of your needs are catered for. If you have any special dietary requests or questions about what will work best with a particular diet then don't hesitate in sending an email to and speak one-on-one with our expert team!

Here are some catering ideas for your next vegan-vegetarian party food:


What's not to love about a burger? Yep, even those who aren't vegetarian or vegan can enjoy them. From mushroom patties (that are made from fungus!) and frittata burgers with plenty of vegetables inside; there is no such thing as too many options when you need to come up with a vegan version!


Lots of our suppliers have numerous options to serve on the buffet table: from vegan-friendly pesto & jackfruit kebabs drizzled in tzatziki several vegetarian toppings available, including mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, spinach, blue cheese and more!


Load up on delicious winter soups like roasted cauliflower and sweet potato soup, green pea and mint soup or butternut squash soup.

Asian cuisine

The variety of Asian cuisine available is vast and ever-changing, with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

Share your choices and experiences with meat-eaters.

The best thing you can do for yourself and others around you is to educate people about a plant-based diet so that nobody feels judged or criticized when eating different foods than those who may not follow the same dietary restrictions as them!

If somebody asks why you don eat meat, that might be the right foot to start exchanging thoughts about it. You could even start by sharing the vegan recipe that you normally bring to the office, or something basic like veggie puff pastry cake; they might bring it for you to the next party!

Even having a workshop at the office could be a great idea: having an expert talk on veganism and vegetarianism could be a great way way to include everyone and maybe even convince someone who's on the fence about changing their lifestyle.

Remember, office catering is all about the office culture you're trying to build for your employees. Having delicious vegetarian food that everyone can enjoy will help make everybody feel like they fit into the office's unique ecosystem! It doesn't need to be a crazy challenge of staying vegan/vegetarian at work; it just needs to be incorporated as part of office life. As long as people know there are options out there, they'll soon come around and start incorporating meatless meals themselves!

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