Valentine's day is here again, and it always leaves us with a lot to talk about! This day is celebrated in many different ways around the world. Some countries have made it an official holiday while others have created their own celebrations for the occasion. One of the most popular questions people ask is why do we celebrate saint valentine's day? The answer isn't as simple as you might think! In this blog post, we'll walk you through some interesting facts about Valentines Day that are sure to intrigue you.

We'll also be discussing office valentines day catering ideas so that your office can enjoy this special occasion too!

Valentine Day History:

Valentine's Day is a day for celebrating love and showing appreciation to those you hold dear. The holiday has been around since the end of the middle ages, around the 1500s, but it was only well into the 1900s that it became a modern holiday and people started exchanging cards as a way of commemorating this special occasion.

While there are many different theories on how Valentine's day came about, no one really knows exactly why or where st valentine's day originated from. There have been some interesting speculations over time though!

The day originated as a Christian celebration, honouring one or two early martyrs, named Saint Valentine, but it has taken on a cultural significance all around the world due to folk traditions celebrating romance. St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers and those who are epileptic or have a tendency toward beekeeping! The Roman god of Love, Cupid, is often depicted as an infant with wings who carries arrows that can make you fall in passionate attractions at first sight and a common figure for Valentine's Day.

Another popular theory suggests that Valentine's Day was created in tribute to Saint Valentine, a Roman priest who was executed during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. It is believed that he performed secret marriage ceremonies for young couples in defiance of the emperor's orders. Some believe that his actions led to him being declared a martyr and ultimately resulted in the celebration of valentine's day as we know it today.

This occasion did not only originate from the Catholic church though. Some state that Valentine's Day began as an ancient Pagan festival called Lupercalia which was hosted by young men who would gather in Rome each year at this time to sacrifice animals and run naked through the streets whipping women with animals skins! At first glance, we can  definitely see how this may not be the most romantic of origins stories!

People also believe that Valentine’s Day started thousands upon millennia ago during ancient times when people would exchange tokens representing their relationship status or affection for someone else within the community they were living life alongside - even though it may not have been officially celebrated yet!

Office ideas to celebrate Valentine's  day:

Have a selection of heart-shaped cookies and pastries for employees to enjoy.

You can order heart-shaped cookies and pastries for your employees to enjoy! These are the perfect treat for a day of celebrating affection. And they come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours so you can find something that fits your taste buds perfectly.

Order customised mugs and office supplies with the logo on.

Everyone loves these personalized gifts! They can also use the mug every day to drink up their hot beverage of choice.

Serve up a special Valentine's Day inspired lunch.

Looking for Valentine's feast day  inspired meal? We have the perfect menu to make your special day even more special. Our dishes are made with love and you can taste it in every bite!

From entrees, desserts or side orders - we'll customise an offer according to any budget constraints, people’s needs as well dietary restrictions like vegetarianism/veganism so that everyone is catered too!

Click here, our team of experts will be happy to help you out!

Provide red and pink balloons, flowers, and other decorations to the mood.

Make your office more festive! You can choose from balloons, flowers, and other fun items to add some colour and cheer up your space.

Serve red and pink themed drinks.

It’s time to get creative with your drink menu! Let us take care of the details so you can focus on having fun with the team and coworkers. Plus, our catering packages come in small, medium, large sizes so they fit any budget. Whether it’s just one person or 100 people attending, we have what you need to make this day special for everyone involved. Order today!

Put together a small gift basket filled with themed items like chocolates, flowers, or scented candles and valentine's day cards.

Valentine's Day office treats hampers are the perfect way to show someone special appreciation. With everything from chocolate and custom cookies, to candles and wine glasses, we have something for everyone on your list!

What do you think? Do you have a favourite story or explanation behind why we celebrate saint valentine's day? Regardless of where this romantic holiday came from, one thing is for sure - people all around love celebrating it!

If you need more inspiration or would like recommendations about what to cater for your Valentine's Day celebrations at the office, feel free to contact us today! We'd be glad to help organise an unforgettable event for everyone at your company.

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