In the current climate, where we're all working at home, its ever more important to make sure your all-day meetings are engaging for all your attendees. Even with a fascinating presentation and inspiring speakers, everyone will likely lose motivation as the day goes on. Keeping them on track, focused and their energy levels high can be tough when hosting an all day business meeting or conference. To ensure you don’t have bored or uninspired attendees (or worse, attendees who fall asleep), check out our top tips on how to host meetings or conferences that keeps everyone engaged.

1. Publish an agenda

As the meeting planner, it's a good idea to share an agenda with attendees before the meeting or conference, so they can prepare and understand the subject matter. It will help them stay focused and keeps the meeting running smoothly and efficiently.

2. Stay on time

Start your meeting or corporate function promptly. Ensure it stays on-topic and end the meeting on time to keep attendees from losing interest and dozing off.

3. Friendly environment

Don't just get straight into business, make sure you start the day with a friendly chat and encourage any funny anecdotes.

Try to make the call as friendly and appealing as possible. Encourage everyone to find some natural daylight, and encourage participants to use refreshment breaks and to get up stretch. Minimise distractions, such as noise, traffic and interruptions.

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4. Introduce creative breaks

Allow time for some downtime - give your guests a chance to take a break and stay motivated for the rest of the meeting.

5. Offer networking opportunities

Offer networking or social breaks throughout the meeting so attendees can refuel and mingle. Make use of team call 'rooms' and encourage individuals to get a chance to introduce any ideas they may have.

6. Take a walk

Studies have shown that walking can improve brain function. Encourage your meeting attendees to take a short walk during breaks to refresh themselves physically and mentally. Exposure to natural sources of light, like the sun can help improve alertness.

7. Take snack and drinks breaks

Don’t let hunger be the reason your attendees aren’t motivated. In addition to planned meal times, such as breakfast and lunch, encourage snacks and beverages to keep participants full and focused. If they get too hungry between meals, their blood sugar will fall, leaving them feeling lethargic.

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8. Send a snack box or meeting food delivery for guests to enjoy

Consider organising snack boxes to arrive at the participants houses ahead of time. Everyone can then enjoy the same food together, increasing bonding and giving another topic of conversation!

Delicious food is just as important as the presentations and speakers! Make your meeting memorable for all the right reasons with a delivery that’s appetising, but also keeps participants inspired and productive. Get in touch for a home delivery quote!

Best snacks to order for meetings and conferences

  • Dried fruit
  • Certain grains, such as oatmeal give long-lasting energy bursts - cereal and energy bars are great!
  • Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as nuts
  • Chocolate or biscuits, to give everyone that serotonin boost

11. Don’t forget the water!

Don’t forget to provide plenty of drink breaks; always have a glass of water as you're talking, and encourage others to, too. Dehydration can cause fatigue. Keep your attendees hydrated, so they stay alert and focused throughout the meeting or conference.

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