Working from home is a dream come true for many people, but they can often find themselves lonely and unmotivated. They can also face the challenge of staying productive while working in an environment that does not have many work-related interruptions. This is easier said than done for most people.

To help you out in the challenge, we’ll discuss tips on how you can make your work from home experience more productive and enjoyable!

Plan out a balance between working hours and breaks.

The first step to achieving a productive work-life balance is setting a nine to five schedule and to-do list for yourself.

Make sure you have strict hours that you work during and don't deviate too much from them if possible. You will feel more motivated knowing when you need to stop working, so that way there are no distractions or excuses about not being able to quit yet because it's only been an hour since your last break!

If necessary, set up a dedicated workspace in which you can work so that people around the house cannot distract you with their own activities all day long. This also provides privacy at times when others want some time away as (their alone time).

Remote workers on-the-go

Smart  working also includes taking work with you on the go. If you are someone who likes to stay productive and stay connected, take your laptop with you wherever you go! This will allow you to do some work while commuting or even when waiting somewhere. Just make sure not to overwork yourself and take regular breaks so that way you don't end up feeling burned out by the time evening rolls around.

Treat yourself during lunch breaks

When it comes to food, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, always have healthy snacks and meals ready for when hunger strikes. This will help avoid reaching for unhealthy foods because you're starving and didn't  think ahead.

Sometimes remote workers choose not to eat  because they work so much that it becomes more efficient to not stop for anything. This is extremely detrimental in the long run because your body will start to suffer when lacking proper nutrition and you'll end up feeling exhausted, sick, or unmotivated most of the time; definitely does not make for a good balance between personal life and work hours!

While working remotely, employees are often afforded the luxury of eating lunch at their own pace, it is still important to stay motivated. To do so, make sure you take some time for yourself in order not just rush back into office mode as this will result in wasted productivity.

Build up healthy habits.

Having a healthy lifestyle is also beneficial when trying to achieve an optimal work-life balance.

The earlier you wake up, the better! It's so important that your body stays in top shape, both for your physical and mental health.  

One great way of taking care of ourselves while still working hard during these hectic times can be by making sure our sleep patterns align with what they should: getting 8 hours every night on average (or more) as well some exercise each week outside any structured workout plan to breathe some fresh air.

Keep the distractions away.

Lastly, make sure there are no distractions during your workday. If you need peace and quiet while fully concentrating on what's important then turn off any notifications on your phone or computer that could potentially break your concentration (e.g., Skype conference calls).

You can also put these things away in another room if necessary since  you work in your workroom. This will allow you to truly focus on the task at hand and work harder than ever before.

Otherwise, try some relaxing music or some background podcasts, there are plenty of playlists made up to enhance your concentration!

Set up weekly virtual events with your team

Being away from your colleagues can be a chance to really knuckle down without any distractions, but it's lonely after a while. Especially when we're all in social distancing mode! Remote work is becoming more common, and thanks to tech like Zoom and Slack a Friday night drinks video call will help make sure everyone stays connected even though they may never meet face-to-face. Or why not try out a gaming or karaoke night instead? Fun is guaranteed!

If you follow these simple steps, it should be much easier for you to achieve optimal work-life balance without sacrificing too many of your personal needs along the way. Good luck!

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