St Patrick's Day is just around the corner, so we've come up with some great ways to celebrate as a team - ideas to suit everyone! It's a day everyone always associated with a large amount of fun (and drinking!) so a good excuse for all the office to celebrate together.

St Patrick's Day is always celebrated on 17th March - this year it's a Wednesday, but in no means should that result in any less celebrations!

Our Top 5 Ideas on How to Celebrate St Patrick's Day at Work

1. Ask Everyone to Wear Green

Whether we're all still working remotely, or finally back in the office, when everyone shows up to your morning meeting dressed in green it'll be sure to put a spring in everyone's step for the rest of the day. You may need to remind everyone to take off their hats for any sales calls...

Although not the most common colour in fashion, most people should be able to put together an outfit to show up all in green. You never know, some people may have a chance to use their special buckled Leprechaun hat... You can even turn it into a competition for the best dressed in the workplace!

2. Host an Irish Trivia Quiz

Find some questions on obscure Irish traditions or historical facts to test the whole team. Whilst, not the subject that most general knowledge fans will be accustomed to, it will add a fun twist and hopefully give the whole office some knowledge on Ireland! It doesn't necessarily have to be St Patrick's Day themed.

If your team are music lovers, adding in an Irish music round and well-known Irish bands is always a good party starter. A food round will also always go down well...

For example - did you know, Ireland is the only country in the world that doesn't use postal codes?!

3. Organise St Patrick's Day Themed Food Deliveries

As Ireland has a plethora of traditional foods (and of course drinks) which means organising themed food is a breeze. You can organise home delivery box with a mix of Irish treats, or a delivery to the office with lots of green Irish-themed foods.

Some examples on the best Irish Food treats:

  • Guinness flavoured sweet treats - we've seen it all, from Guinness cake to Guinness brownies...
  • Irish Coffee - send all the component parts, or Irish Coffee flavoured treats
  • DIY boxes - all the ingredients to cook your own Irish traditional treats
  • Soda Bread
  • Corned Beef
  • Some lucky decorated cakes - four-leaf clovers or Leprechauns!

You can also organise for everyone to cook a traditional Irish Recipe together on Zoom. Co-workers can then judge each others' outcomes, or laugh together if they go terribly wrong.

If you'd like to organise any home deliveries to send to your colleagues, or a platter of cupcakes for the office - get in touch with our catering consultants to request a quote.

Guinness Brownies from EK Bakery - Home Deliveries
Guinness Brownies from EK Bakery - Home Deliveries

4. Decorate the Office

Whether you're in the office with the team or not, adding a few decorations around your desk will be sure to get you in the mood. Celebrate by hanging up Shamrock bunting, adding some green streamers or throwing a few chocolate coins around.

The Irish employees in the office will love to see their Irish flag on St Patricks Day - getting them in the mood to celebrate the holiday.

You could even host a decorating contest, asking the team to come up with the best ideas for adding a St Patrick's Day touch to the usual corporate setting.

5. Organise After Work Drinks

If the pubs are open, organise an optional trip to your nearest Irish Pub! Everyone can then enjoy a pint of Guinness or a trusty Irish Whiskey.

If you're still working remotely, arrange a Zoom call with the whole team to have a drink together in their home office and raise a glass to St Patrick himself. You can even organise some games to play alongside, either drinking games, or even an Irish Jig competition..!

If you need any Irish themed food deliveries for the big day, just let us know and we can find the best options for you and your team.

Drop us an email at or give us a call on 020 3890 2200 and our catering consultants and event planners will be able to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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