There’s an abundance of benefits to be reaped when you share food with others. Breaking bread can remove barriers and helps us explore new cultures and build stronger connections with others. Whether it’s sitting down to dinner with your loved ones or a simple working lunch with your colleagues, it can lead to a happier and healthier you.

Food brings us together, so here are some reasons why you need to grab your bestie or your team and get eating together!

What are the best foods for sharing?

Here are some delicious food options that are ideal for sharing, whether it's a lunch on ‘national Best Friend's Day’ day on 8th June, or any other day of the work week.

  1. A Lebanese platter – everyone can help themselves to tasty koftas, flatbread, hummus, dips and tabbouleh. We love Kammoon
  2. Sushi - perfect for special diet catering
  3. Meat platters – a roast chicken platter, charcuterie platter or for the vegetarians an antipasto platter with mixed olives, bocconcini skewers, dolmades and feta.
  4. Little quiches and sausage rolls from Al Desco - an easy crowd pleaser.
  5. Pizza - You can't go wrong with a fresh slice of cheesy freshly-made pizza!
  6. Skewers! There's something for everyone, from tasty marinated meats, to tender vegetables.
  7. Nachos. Crunchy, cheesy and spicy, the ultimate trio!
  8. Dumplings - the ultimate sharing meal!
  9. Fresh cinnamon, or tasty glazed doughnuts .
  10. Comforting, family-style Indian catering - butter chicken, tandoori chicken, naan, lamb biryani and more. We love Atcha.

The benefits of sharing a meal

Stay connected

Whether you’re grabbing lunch with your work colleagues, having dinner with family and friends or networking at a conference, eating with other people helps strengthen bonds and build relationships. A 2015 study by Cornell University found that eating together can help establish stronger connections with their peers and boost job performance. Food brings people together, regardless of age and social class and lets you share stories, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

Healthier eating habits

Studies have shown that adults tend to make healthier food choices when they’re in a group. Another study also found that children who ate with their family were more likely to eat healthier.

Eating together releases positive emotions

Having a meal with others can boost your mood and some studies have even shown that it can help alleviate depression.

Learn something new

Whether you’re with family or with new friends, eating together is a great way to expand your horizons. Interact with colleagues from other departments, establish stronger bonds with your team, learn about new cultures – food is the universal language that brings everyone together.

Build trust

Taking a step back to our instinctual roots, sharing the same food with people is one of the best ways to build trust. It sends a subconscious signal to our brains that lets us know the food is safe and the people you are sharing it with can be trusted. This is a part of our brain that is relied upon to build relationships and trust within our tribes or teams.

EatFirst has perfect sharing options

We think that food is the key to happiness and helps build a happier life. If you’d like to host a team lunch or provide delicious corporate catering to help build team morale and productivity, speak to the office catering experts at EatFirst today on 020 3890 2200 for a free quote or visit our website to order today have a corporate catering solution for you!

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