10 Back to Work Tips for a Post Lockdown Return to the Office

Having worked from home for the best part of a year, coming back to the office will be weird, and at first not the easiest transition! Much like back in March 2020 when we all to work from home. One day you’re at home in your pajamas, getting up a mere 20 minutes before a call, and then the next day you’re back to the commute!

But returning to the office definitely isn't all bad. There are huge benefits, Deloitte summarise some of the benefits: mental health - the return of human interaction is so important!, a structure to our day, and general work productivity.

Here are our top tips to help make getting back to work easier. We hope these tips will help make it easier to return to the daily grind and keep you happy at work.

1. Communicate with your team

Communicate with your colleagues and management on how the transition back to the office will work - what measures will be put in place to ensure everyone is as safe as can be? Communication is key, everyone will be on approximately the same page and willing to make some sacrifices on the implementation of particular measures.

A Pulse Survey by PwC found:

  • 72% of employees are willing to Wear masks around colleagues/customers
  • 70% would let their employer take temperature
  • 58% agree to employer-provided COVID testing
  • 54% would provide proof of vaccination in order to work on-site

2. Manage your stress levels (and workload)

Similar to the first point, letting your team know what's on your mind, and what may make things more stressful is key. Voice your worries!

You can also make some small changes to your routine to reduce stress directly. Some experts recommend skipping the coffee and exercise before work.

Not only will you save a couple of pounds every day, but your body will thank you for it! Exercising before work will not only boost your fitness levels but most importantly your mood. It’s great for your heart and health and keep you feeling happy at work.

3. Revamp your work space

With 12 months of unexpected home office, there's a huge change you didn’t get a chance to clean your desk before you left the office! You’re probably now being greeted by piles of unopened mail, folders and loose paper. Take a few minutes to clear your desk and creating a space you're happy to work in. Chuck any junk mail, file, or throw away any documents you don’t need. If you don’t do it now, it will just pile up.

According to a recent survey, 28% of survey respondents said they would save over an hour a day if their desk was better organised. Now is the best time to get organised at work before it gets crazy.

4. Do one thing at a time

Whilst you may have been the multi-tasking Queen (or King!) at home, things are a little different in the office. You might be tempted to juggle five things at the same time, but this isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to work - especially when you have the added interruptions from your colleagues asking questions - in person! Don’t stress yourself out – work smarter and more efficiently by focusing and working on one thing at a time.

5. Prioritise your tasks

Rather than working on the first job you see in your inbox, make a conscious effort to prioritise your work. What are the top 3-5 most important tasks you want to accomplish on your first day back in the office?

back to work tips - prioritise your tasks

6. Take a break and leave the premises

It may take a couple of days to get back into your old routine, so it’s important to take regular breaks throughout the day. You only have the capacity to focus and be productive for a certain amount of time every day, so make sure to stand up, leave the office to have a walk around and get some fresh air. Take a break from your computer. Go to the kitchen to refill your water glass, take a short coffee break with your team, or grab a healthy snack. Taking a short break is a great way to de-stress and come back refocused.

7. Stay hydrated

Drink up! It’s something we can forget to do at work, but it’s so important to stay hydrated, as dehydration can cause fatigue and leave you feeling sluggish.

Don't forget the temperature and humidity will be a lot different compared to your home office - air conditioning can really throw you off!

8. Create a playlist

Music can help improve your mood (and productivity), involve the rest of your team and everyone can then enjoy the tunes together. Get your playlist ready and listen to your favourite songs to get you through the day.

9. Enjoy good food at work

There’s no need to munch on a soggy sandwich in your first week back at the office! Take a proper break away from your desk to reset and refuel.

Why not organise a welcome back staff lunch for the whole office? To keep everyone safe, set up a meal plan, either fully paid for by the company or where everyone pays themselves, so everyone can enjoy lunch together arriving in one simple delivery.

We can help feed you and your team without the stress. It’s a great way to catch up on the latest goss and get everyone pumped for the new year!

back to work tips - stay productive with staff lunch

10. Leave the office on time

Studies have shown that our hours have increased dramatically since working from home. The return to the office doesn't mean it should stay this way. Don’t play the hero - it’s okay to leave work on time. Set a timer or reminder, if need be, to help you get out the door on time.

We hope these easy tips help make your return to the office more enjoyable. Oh, and did we mention that providing corporate catering for the office is another great way to transition back to work? Just give one of our friendly corporate catering experts a call on 020 3890 2200 for inspiration or get a free quote. It’s a great way to start back!

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