Connecting with your staff on R U OK Day can seem like a daunting task. You might not be sure how to best approach the situation, or how to encourage conversations around mental health and wellbeing. R U OK Day provides the perfect opportunity to check-in with your teams, connect with them and ask them how they are going.

Now so more than ever are these moments of connection and conversations important. Just because we are socially distancing, does not mean we have to remain distant. As 2020 has brought with it many unprecedented experiences, mental health struggles have seen a rise, even for those who have not previously experienced bouts of mental illness. 


Whilst R U OK Day falls on September 10th, take the time to always check-in with staff and take action when you believe anyone in your team is showing signs of struggling, not just on R U OK Day.

R U OK Day is a great initial way to start the conversation and ask the important question: R U OK?

R U OK Day Ideas for your Team

Send Something to Staff’s Homes

Sending a surprise pack to your employee’s homes can be the perfect way to spread some joy. This year, EatFirst have crafted many packages you can send directly to your staff’s homes. Check out these and more ideas below! Or use our catering filters when looking through suppliers.

Morning Tea Boxes 

If your staff have returned to the office, why not acknowledge the day with a classic morning tea. Single-serve morning tea boxes offer the perfect solution and offer a yummy sweet and savoury mix. They may be individual serves, but the experience is built to be shared over a cup of tea or coffee, as a great conversation starter. Check out these suppliers below:
NSW: Vanilla Blue, Food Geek
Entice Me
South Terrace, Cafe 228
Brisk Catering

R U OK Day Cupcakes

Cupcakes are an R U OK Day classic. Yellow cupcakes are a bright and sunny addition to the office and perfect to share with your team. Add them to your 1on1 management meetings for not only a sweet treat but as a way to check-in. 

Check out these suppliers for your office:

NSW: Vanilla Cupcakery, Cakes 2 U
Karma Cupcakes
VIC: Little Cupcakes Bakery
Cupid's Delight
The Cupcake Lady

A Team Lunch 

Whether you are all together in the office or working from home, treating your team to a healthy and nutritious lunch can be a great way to show appreciation. All individually packed, each person will get their own meal you can eat together as a team. Sometimes, showing your employees a sense of community and fostering positivity in your workplace can be the best action to take.

R U OK Day Conversation Starters

Not sure how to best start the conversation? Here are some ideas:

  • “You’ve got a lot going on right now. How are you doing?”
  • “Just checking in to see how you’re going?”
  • “I know there have been some big life changes for you recently. How are you going with that?”
  • "How are you coping with everything on your plate right now?"

 Looking for more?

For more resources on how to best support your staff please check out the R U OK Day website.

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